Shipping & Returns (Shipping Crystal Meth)

Deliveries will only be made once payment has been received. Authorized orders placed before 5pm will be dispatched that day. For destinations outside the USA and Canada, any order placed after 5pm will be dispatched the following day at 10am. All cost for returns are at the customer’s expense. This will be reimbursed if products are found to be faulty and returned within the time specified. We ask you to check all deliveries for signs of damage before you sign for them. If you can see that they are damaged, do not sign for them and contact us immediately. We will arrange for your order to be re-dispatched. If you discover that goods are faulty after you have signed for them, please notify us by email or telephone within 14 days of receiving them. 

All order is shipped with vacuum sealed stealth packaging specially developed to beat all entry points worldwide. We spent lots of money in research to develop this shipping method and it’s perfect. 

Also note you do not need to sign to receive your package upon arrival. We usually inform the courier company in advance that our customers have no ID’s and therefore do not need to sign to pick up their package. So, basically your order would be delivered to “any” name you provide us. All you have to do is place your order and have it delivered to your door in 3-4 days to ”any” name. It’s as simple as that.

All orders are handled with maximum confidentiality

We are mainly wholesalers and not retailers. This makes our price much cheaper than other source for both dealers and individual users. We treat small buyers well with same wholesale price as we do to dealers, as long as you contacted us without a middle man. Minimum order may apply for though. Delivery time is 3-5 days maximum (worldwide). Next day delivery is also available. If you need it urgently we can also expedite shipping for you so you can pick up the next morning (day). But note that the courier companies will usually charge a little additional fee than normal delivery schedule (time). We don’t like making prices costly so expedited delivery is optional. For more information contact us.